New Stuff and Catching Up

It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that I don’t update much. I draw and paint almost every day but taking the time to get it up on this site never sounds like my idea of how to spend my spare time. But I just spent a weekend with some great folks at Lilac City Comic Con and I’ve decided that I owe it to a couple of dozen of them to maintain this thing by throwing a few of the pieces i have completed up here every week or two. Maybe making it a habit will lead to it feeling less onerous. And I truly love those of you who do choose to spend a minute of your free interweb time looking at my doodles.

In addition, since I am currently working up some black & white stuff with the intention of putting together a coloring book, I plan on creating a new page on here to showcase the amazing color work that some of you might do on those illustrations. Soon it could be your site in a way as well.

So here are a few of those pieces to get us started. Some are re-works and some are brand new.  For my next post I’ll explain a bit more about the coloring book (or should that be colouring book?). Have a great week.

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