Hastur the Unspeakable


He is Hastur and he is unspeakable. So how, you may ask, did I find out about him. The answer, children, is by reading. (dramatic pause to allow revelation to sink in) He first appeared in Robert W. Chambers ‘the King in Yellow’ and later got several mentions by some guy named H.P. Lovecraft.  Anyway, I wanted to draw some eyes and mouths and tentacles and such. I call this desire ‘Tuesday’ but it can happen any day of the week. So I did a sketch and then I blew it up and then I added more eyes and mouths and tentacles, because evolution. And then, while watching True Detective, I added the background so he would emerge from Carcosa with the black stars lighting the way for his triumphal entry past the bricks of our reality  and into your home. Your welcome!

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